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Have you ever had something that seemed small, yet painful at the time, and you notice it affected the rest of your life?  Or it could have been something large or very frightening.

I had what I call a small accident during my 15th year that created ripples of pain and body distress that I am only recently easing.

At age 28, I was directed to a woman who used some alternative techniques for healing that were unusual for that time.  In 1985 our health care offered a limited spectrum of options.  Those of us interested in something different than the medical system generally found ourselves in “underground” networks of practitioners.  My excitement grew as I approached my scheduled appointment.

I complained of ‘back trouble.’  My life revolved around regular chiropractic visits, often twice a week.  Baffled by my body’s inability to hold an adjustment, I kept my radar scanning for any help I might receive.


The result 

I have seen in my clients, and in me, the powerful differences this freed up energy can make.  For some it feels as if the fog lifts, for others it seems the desert blooms.  Each releasing furnishes potency within itself.  To accomplish deep shifts will take more time and a sequence of encounters.  We experience life event by event; this creates our blessings and difficulties.  The entanglements do not unravel in a short span.  Sustained help is a gift worth receiving when we want to find a new way of being ourselves that is whole, balanced, and healthy.

What we learn about ourselves as we take this journey adds value on top of the actual releasing of burdens.  I find that I have a great deal more acceptance of other people’s quirkiness, and a willingness to be more unconditionally loving.  This has come after I recognized that the parts of me I thought were “good” or “bad” represent beliefs that may not necessarily be so.  The things I value often trip me up the most.  And the things I abhor actually call me to observe myself more closely, and manage myself differently.

The amazing changes I have made in my life are due in part to my own commitment to clearing up health issues to the best of my ability.  I also attribute much to the tremendous amount of support, guidance, and trust-in-me from my mentors, teachers, and coaches.

There is no better time than the present to release what has outlived its usefulness.  I encourage you on your journey of releasing for self-discovery and freedom.


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