Free Tuning Fork Concerts for You

What are tuning fork concerts like?

I hold several tuning forks in one hand and use another fork to tap them; this makes a combination of sounds and overtones. These particular frequencies enter your auditory system; you hear them and feel the vibrations. The sounds surround you and resonate in your cells. Because of this Tuning Fork Concerts give your body an opportunity to relax and restore.


A bit about tuning forks…

Tuning forks have the power of pure sound that allows us to focus and initiates healing in our bodies. Our cells love new frequencies and because they are mostly water they easily receive sound and frequencies; this helps them re-balance, reducing levels of stress. As they balance, so does our whole body. Furthermore, when our cells and whole body relax and balance it is then that we can get back to what we are good at… healing and being healthy!



First: A concert for energizing and balancing your chakra system, the energy centers of your body

Our chakras are the seven main energy centers that go from the root of our body in our groin area, up near our bellybutton, near our solar plexus area, to our heart, our throat, our brow, and finally to our crown, on the top of the head. These energy centers get distorted, or can have low or erratic energy resulting from events in our lives. This warp or weakness in the chakra prevents it from functioning properly which shows up as discomfort, sluggishness, and a tendency toward illness.

This Chakra Balancing Concert can be used to help boost up, realign and stabilize the energy of all of these seven chakra areas. You will likely feel good right away.



Second:  A concert for grounding

The Grounding Concert is useful after the chakra balancing, however it is great any time that you feel scattered, unfocused, not very clear, or if situations bother you. It is a good opportunity to simply pause in your day, let yourself re-group and come back to your center. Grounding will almost always do that for you.


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